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JIT2000 EN

Tier 1 & Tier 2 Production Manufacturing ERP Solution

With the JIT system, you can control all the things needed for a capable and robust logistics.

From warehouse management, ordering materials for your factory to work on, manage suppliers and materials, the JIT system can help you deliver accurate information in a quick and intuitive manner, on either on-screen data or hard-copy reports.

The JIT system provides you the tools to execute, track and analyze the production in your facility. With those tools you will be able to find productivity problems, and maximize your effectiveness.

The JIT system can work side by side with our SPS system, making the clients orders available as soon as they arrive, controlling your internal production, in a quick automated manner.

  • Part Engineering / BOM
  • Warehouse Management
  • EDI Engine
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • Quality Control
  • OEE


Real-Time Manufactoring Control

With our system, you will get fast and reliable Syncro message decoding, with incorporated Sequencing and Line Flow Control. It will also allow you to do automated line control for the parts that your client requested, also you can get a sense of what you need by using our reporting tools to get the Picking List of the order you want to see.

Ultra optimized EDI engine with a flexible configuration options with several equipments attached, from Thermal Printers to Barcode Scanners and PLCs.


Sequencing – Just In Time / Just In Sequence
shop floor sequenece manager

shop floor sequenece manager

Our system works from start to finish, from the moment the messages arrive, until the packaging of the produced parts to send to the client.

It will print the labels for the parts you produce, which you can then use to confirm the sequencing and the ordering during the packaging in the production racks, so there is no error or missing parts when you send them to your client.

rack and positions manager

rack and positions manager


JIT flow

JIT flow

Our SPS system is design to constantly keep records of what it is doing, and data validations, so you can be sure that the data is correct.

Even after the manufacturing process is done, you can still verifiy the sequencing and ordering in productions racks, so the client knows that what they are receiving is exactly what they requested, in the order they requested, and on time.


The OFTP is a high level protocol, applied to the way in which files and messages are sent. It is not involved in defining the physical communications channel across which they travel.

The OFTP allows for the transfer of several different types of file. They may be either ASCII (or EBCDIC) or binary files. In addition they may be formatted with fixed length records, variable length records, unformatted or text format.


OFTP2 is the new standard from ODETTE for securely exchanging file data over the Internet. It is a global standard that can be used by companies of any size, regardless of geographical location and connection reliability to exchange business data inside the enterprise and externally.

OFTP2 is used by major automotive OEMs such as Volvo, VW, BMW, PSA for communicating with their supply chain and for exchanging large engineering drawings (CAD/CAM). Other automotive OEMs and other market sectors are already planning to switch over to OFTP2.